exchanges reality

These areas of exploration are set forth in the information sheet as a guide for artists to both seek inspiration for their work with the box and to connect with the ethos of the project as a whole (TSB project guide for artists).

Additionally, if you have any interesting suggestions or ideas for the project on a more general level, we are always interested in dialog (TSB project guide for artists).

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final solution

Hej, Må bare sige: I laver SUPER HERLIGE værker med TSB. r SKØNT. Hilsner fra T R (co curator TSB Oslo).


ideological factors in terms of their relationship to contemporary art 2

Please note: This project is not funded at the present time and everything and everyone works on a voluntary basis. We are looking into funding, and would encourage co curators to seek this as well, as appropriate for their region (TSB project guide for artists).

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The Travellers Box arose out of, and still has, a foundation in the Scandinavian art scene, but defines itself as an international project. The project combines theory / practice, art production, communication, dissemination and networking (TSB project guide for artists).

There is also a strong desire for change and development within the context. The Travellers Box project aims to be a player and facilitator in relation to the establishment of new strategies, constructs and structures in order to create new platforms for practitioners to develop work and share ideas via different knowledge areas. It in a sense becomes an 'analysis apparatus' - the objects become a vehicle, or trajectory, from which these ideas can be explored and communicated (TSB project guide for artists).


This sharing and exchange of ideas has included such things as the notion of inclusion / exclusion, identity sense of place, fantasy / reality constructions, mapping personal or public space, creating networks and reflecting on the nature of relationships both in terms of the collaborative artistic process and personally, as well as the notion of loneliness and considering the general life cycle itself (TSB project guide for artists).


creating a creative community

Ultimately, the Travellers Box project aims to produce and work in an open, multi-voice, free, non-commercial and non-hierarchical context, and attaches importance to the involvement of a broad range of other discourses and disciplines. Setting a precedent and clarifying these values in a transparent way, where the main idea is creating a creative community and sharing knowledge, information and contacts across borders will create an artistic exchange and collaboration that crosses not only cultures and geographical borders but also different artistic practices. This breeding ground will by its very nature facilitate the sharing of artistic ideas for both the artist and the audience (TSB project guide for artists).


social processes

Artists who receive The Travellers Box are encouraged (but not limited) to work with issues concerning socio-cultural relations as well as related issues within the artistic community itself. The works can be based on an interpretation of the cultural divide in attitudes, habits, lifestyles, places. spaces, or by private individuals' complexity. Within those realms, politically-oriented, perhaps sensitive issues can be taken on, examined, considered and incorporated into the artistic process (TSB project guide for artists).


couplings 2

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In addition to develop these conversations and relationships, one of the primary ideas behind the project is to explore the notion of being a facilitator in relation to the establishment of new strategies, constructs, structures and platforms in which to create art (TSB project guide for artists).


exploring alternative lifestyles and cultural communities

Artists are encouraged to interpret the project in a way that suits and compliments their practice. For example, adding materials inside the box, placing the box in different contexts, making a video, etc. are all possibilities open to you, and it is up to the artist to interpret the box in a way they see fit. The only stipulation is that the artist(s) must incorporate the box as a feature in any artwork and documentation produced. How this is done is entirely up to the artist. but the box must somehow be a visible part of the work (TSB project guide for artists).

living space


life / cycle / world

Box data: height - 31 cm, length 37 cm, width 12.5 cm, weight 5 kg.
(TSB project guide for artists).


The Travellers box. is a travel baton / is a metal suitcase with a manual / is working with conceptual contemporary art / is working with relationships and networks / is an open and mobile construction / is based on the idea of collaborative artistic development / is an ongoing artistic interpretation - and disseminating travel / is working internationally and local -national (TSB project guide for artists).

ideological factors in terms of their relationship to contemporary art

To that end, the Travellers Box project wishes to explore the notion of contemporary art in relation to its construction, communication and eventual presentation to a wider audience. It is aimed at demonstrating and communicating art in a wide cultural and creative context, using a range of expressions and art forms, such as visual art, music, writing, performance etc,. and in those various contexts, exploring a myriad of cultural ideas and discourses such as politics, cultural constructs, sustainability, the notion of playfulness and fantasy in relation to art, and so on. It therefore becomes a vital forum for discussing and sharing ideas (TSB project guide for artists).


creating a collective feeling

The TSB project is an artistic discourse between artists, whereby both analysis and production play a part. Its foundation rests on the notion of collaboration in that individual artists' viewpoints, thoughts and interactions with the Box, combine with the relationships that develop because of it, and manifest themselves in various forms. Its creation and interpretation is therefore driven by artists both interacting with the Box but also building a series of networked relationships, both nationally and globally. From this, we hope that many relationships and conversations are explored and developed as the project unfolds. As well, because of the mobile, global nature of the project, it is constantly evolving and therefore in some ways, quite unfixed and malleable (TSB project guide for artists).

fiction and an element of playfulness


movement 2 (video)


knowledge sharing via transparent structures

The box as an object serves as a vehicle of sorts, certainly a trajectory / mediating object in its own right. It is presented to each artist as an empty vessel, in anticipation of somehow being filled with the artists' ideas. Within that context, it's important to acknowledge that while the box might appear empty, in actuality, it carries with it the symbolic traces, memories and experiences of all the work that has been made from the various artists within the project up to this point. How each artist responds to the box and to the notion of it being a metaphorical carrier of ideas, inspiration and thoughts, is up to each artist to explore and articulate (TSB project guide for artists).


networking and developing relationships

movement 1 (video)

social constructions

Areas of Exploration (one or more to be used as a trajectory for making work): Social constructions / Ideological factors in terms of their relationship to contemporary art / Social processes / Establishment of new forms of cooperation and communication / Exploring alternative lifestyles and cultural communities / Creating a collective feeling / Networking and developing relationships / Knowledge sharing via transparent structures / Fiction and an element of playfulness / loneliness / exclusion / inclusion / dream / reality / living space / new friends / establishments / couplings / exchanges / understanding / life / cycle / world (TSB project guide for artists).


establishment of new forms of cooperation and communication

Preface: Welcome and thank you for participating in the Travellers Box project. We hope that your participation will enhance and develop your own practice, as well as the project itself and that you are able to tap into, utilize and benefit from the network of artists that are, and have been, involved... (TSB project guide for artists).